Shriji Healthcare deal in Medical Equipment Solution. We are proficient in supplying a variety of new branded products such as Pulse Oximeter, Neonatal Ventilator, Bi-PAP, Resuscitator, Bubble CPAP System, Warmer & Incubators , Phototherapy, Probes, Airvo 2 High flow oxygen therapy, Fetal Monitors, Patient Dedicated Sensors, Reusable Sensors and Medical Accessories in India. The company has dealership of critical care products like; COVIDIEN,U.S.A., FISHER AND PAYKEL HEALTHCARE,NEW ZEALAND, WIPRO GE HEALTHCARE PVT LTD.

We listen and respond to your needs, resulting in a comprehensive array of services. From prompt pick-up and delivery to Technical Assitance, if you have a problem with your equipment, we can solve it.


  • A long time experience in Healthcare Industry.
  • Guarantee to meet your needs while staying on budget.
  • Best and standard products of the original manufacturer in refurbished quality.
  • Customer Involvement, Orientation & Satisfaction.
  • Teamwork, Unity, Mutual Respect & Discipline.


  • Down time of not more than 24 hours for all calls.
  • 24 hrs service on call support.
  • Immediate response to the service calls.
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable Staff
  • Training program to the operational staff for proper maintenance of equipments.
  • Help you reduce the frequency of your repairs by identifying the root cause.
  • We maintain a comprehensive database on all services..